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Welcome to the Official Sunless Skies Wiki

Sunless Skies is an upcoming retrofuturistic game from Failbetter Games, slated to hit Kickstarter in February 2017! Before the crowdfunding begins, consider visiting the Official Sunless Sea Wiki to learn what happened before the exodus!

What is Sunless Skies?

Put simply, it is the sequel to the critically acclaimed, story-centric Sunless Sea, best summarized as the Victorian Empire in space. In this High Wilderness, the Traitor Empress carves out a new British Empire, her increasingly tyrannical rule pushing bohemians, revolutionaries, and other outcasts out towards the fringes of this grand empire.

But the Empire is plunging into darkness - literally. The stars themselves are dying, killed off by a revolution. And with each sun dead, the universe slowly unravels, for the stars are the Judgements, the inventors, arbiters, and enforcers of the laws of the universe.

Influenced by H.G. Wells, C.S. Lewis, Leigh Brackett, and a hundred other works, including Event Horizon and the luminaries of Art Nouveau, Sunless Skies hit Kickstarter in February 2017, was fully funded and is slated for release in May 2018. As the developers say, stop the clocks, mark your diaries, and save your pennies!

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